What is a custom bicycle?

Everyone has their own story. Some like to share it and some prefer to keep it to themselves. When it comes to individuals who feel the need to own a customized bicycle, that intimate story becomes a roadmap to their personal preferences.

How does it all start then? Let’s say you just discovered the Custom MAD Bicycle. It consists of a sophisticated frame designed by Adam Zdanowicz - the creator of MAD Bicycles. It’s been drawn on a piece of paper in a rush of inspiration and recreated on the computer screen as a design. After a thorough interview with the future owner, resulting in a list of personal additions, it’s been given a three-dimentional form of a detailed, life-like rendering.

The whole adventure begins when we come up with the final character of your bike. Perhaps we will undertake the personalization of the frame or wheels, or maybe never-before-seen pedals will be the cherry on top of your design. In the end, you are sure to feel that it is one of a kind, and most importantly, YOURS.

Customizing a MAD Bicycle may mean we will create a fresh color combo, brand new handlebars, embroidered saddle, a totally new frame design, or simply an art piece that will bring the world to its knees. Creating such a vehicle takes time and effort needed to prototype our way to the final result. Some designs take a month, other require a year to handcraft, but we can guarantee that the outcome will give you an incomparable sense of satisfaction and awareness that your bike will stay with you forever.

Our experience is based on numerous tests combined with academic knowledge. Handcrafting a custom bike is not quantum physics, but if you leave it to the wrong people, you could end up with a useless sculpture. To make sure your bike will fit your needs, we require measurements of your body. Over the years, we have developed techniques to remotely create a customized frame. This saves your time and ensures that only minor final adjustments are necessary.

May this be an introduction to the world of custom bicycles. Choose your path, and let the adventure begin!