More than just bicycles

MAD Bicycles is an extraordinary brand, born out of passion for creating. Started in a basement in Podlasie, in Eastern Poland, developed in a garage, it has become one of the biggest design & manufacturing studios of custom designer bikes in Europe. And probably in the world. 
Tworzymy rowery z duszą. Powstają dla osób o wyjątkowych osobowościach i potrzebach. Każdy kolejny egzemplarz daje poczucie niepowtarzalności i podziwu w oczach innych. My nie boimy się podejmować wyzwań. Na przestrzeni ostatnich ośmiu lat nadaliśmy terminowi "custom-made" a completely new and more personal meaning.
We are pioneers in what we do. We pave the way for others and show that the impossible is possible. We specialize in designing new solutions, thanks to which there are many unique realizations. We specialize in designing new solutions, in making glow-in-the-dark, gold-plated, electric, tangled, reverse, special-needs-aimed and designer bikes. Simply put – we make dreams come true. 
We take individual orders for muscle-powered and electric vehicles. These are mainly made-to-measure city bikes, rickshaws and other utility vehicles. We have established ourselves and gained recognition by representing a unique niche. Each finished bike is a great achievement for us, and making our countrymen proud gives us a sense of mission. We are an example that Poles can create beautiful and functional products and gain recognition overseas. In 2019 we managed to win the most important award in the niche of custom bikes at the international exhibition OBC CruiserCon in Las Vegas. "All the way from Poland" - that’s how they call us out overseas.
Freedom is our greatest value. We try to share the feeling of having a luxury bike in order to meet our customer’s and fan’s needs. MAD custom bicycles allow you to experience the extraordinary - the process of creating, owning and riding an amazing bike. The designer interprets the client's needs to create a cohesive work of art. Our customers get the opportunity to free their imagination as our personalized pieces redefine the freedom of choice.
Every completed custom bike project is our company’s success.
In addition, our milestones include:
- two bikes made for Slash - the guitarist of Guns N' Roses
- bikes for polish celebrities such as Aleksander Milwiw-Baron, Michał Szpak
- the Best One Off Radical Custom Bicycle award at the international exhibition in Las Vegas in 2019
- Podlaskie Brand of the Year 2018 award
- creating the world's first bike out of ice
- numerous appearances on Polish television with MAD Bicycles
- launching the AchoBike project in 2021 with funding from PARP to develop a bicycle for children affected with achondroplasia

Adam Zdanowicz

The originator of the brand, chief designer, visionary and owner of the company. He calls himself a local patriot focusing on originality of concept combined with tradition. He gives his customers more than just perfectly constructed two-wheelers. He tries to give them unparalleled experiences by smuggling in inspirations from eastern Poland’s Podlachian folk art and nature. He treats bikes as a medium for his creativity. He also fulfills himself as a photographer, visionary and director of independent short films. He is the constructor of the world's first bicycle made of ice - Podlachian ice - and at the same time the creator of the film "Of Water and Wheels" which tells its story. In 2020 he broke the World Record for the tallest rideable bicycle. During seminars with young people and entrepreneurs he likes to talk about his driving forces and to explain what’s it like to run an unconventional business. He likes proving that everything is possible. In opposition to many naysayers, he doesn’t treat his region as inferior in any way. On the contrary, Podlasie seems to him as the richest of all Polish regions. Amongst many things, it is rich in diversity. And diversity is an infinite source of inspiration to Adam.

The MAD Team

None of our bicycles are made by one person only. The people we collaborate with are hard working professionals who do their best to reinvent their skills for the purpose of creating a better bike. We take our turns at making your rideable art piece, therefore our meticulous work spreads within a wider time frame. Be patient, your bike is made by a crew of persistent and creative individuals who take pride in what they’re doing.