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Jego matka to kalifornijska lowriderka, a ojcem jest Spike. Miał trudne dzieciństwo jako cruiser, ale zdobył szacunek na wschodnim wybrzeżu jako plażowy krążownik. Bezkompromisowy indywidualista tak jak ojciec, kręci się po mieście szukając tej jedynej. Zapytany o idealną partnerkę odpowiada: "Laska musi mieć charakter i tatuaże!"

Black 9005/Red 3020

Recommended specs:

Handlebar - Moon XXL 80cm
Saddle - Deluxe Cruiser, 12 springs
Tires - Kraze 26x3
Wheels - MAD 144 Multispoke
Frame - Diamond Series
Gears - 8,7 or 3 gears

We offer making changes in any specification.

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The Slammed Glazer

The story behind the Glazer starts with me driving to my studio early in the morning thinking "What if?". What if I just let it flow.. You get it? You just take a piece of paper and a pen and start drawing. After looking at it closely it really started to look like icing on a cake. Looks really delicious if you ask me!

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The Florence

I feel like Florence is a ladyframe I always dreamed about but I kept it stashed somewhere deep inside my head. That line flowing from front to end and steep curves give her that gorgeous flow. Oh, and a couple spikes make her pointy too. If you’d like her a little more slammed, just tell me!

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The Aurora

I always wanted to design an organic-looking shape. After finally getting inspired enough to start sketching, I noticed somethin peculiar and decided to check if it works.

Look closely at the Aurora guys. It’s so similar to a flame all covered in Ruby Red chrome. However when in Chameleon Blue & Green, it suddenly becomes a plant of some kind or...a whirlwind.

I believe that the beauty of art lies in the fact that everyone can interpret it his/her own way.

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The Aveline

Here goes Aveline! That spoke pattern has been on my mind for ever. I feel like this one's a proper rainbow bike. What do you think? Painting this one will be a journey!

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The Barclay

Barclay started with something simple. I got inspired by the ambigram bike we made in December. But after drawing a few lines the thing started growing and growing into this stretched, station-wagon-ish art-deco type of whip. And I gotta admit.. I feel like it has some sort of a royal vibe. Oh and yeah, I consider slammin it some more. And hell yeah we add kickstands! Any other colorways you'd suggest?

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The Allura

I believe women and men should have equal rights. Especially the right to ride a slammed whip. The Allura is looow!

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The Bedford

Bedford began as an little experiment. I started sketching a ladyframe that ended up as a unisex frame with a cool ribbon-ish loop. I think this loopy pattern has potential. Don't you?Does the pink ribbon remind you of something?

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The Garotta

There are times to play it safe.

There are times to play it hard.

There are times to play Modernism.

Tell me whatcha think peeps! Contact me to get your hands and the Garotta frame & fork or complete.

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The Brazer

I wanted to go a little 3-Dimensional with the Brazer. Duplicating a couple of tubes turned out pretty well if you ask me.

The Brazer. Kinda like a Brazzer but.. not.

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The Livonia

This one literally came out first try. I felt like drawing something organic and went with the flow. One line after another it just came out this way! What do ya think guys? Hit me up to get your hands on the Livonia frame and fork.

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The Gunner

I wanna spread the MAD love so here’s to all the Collectors! The Gunner. Freakin’ SLAMMED to the max. How about an inch above the ground? Cheers!

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The Maera

Here's one for the ladies. The Maera. The new lady frame. I'd ride her, would you?

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The Wallace

Drawing the Wallace was a little tricky. It felt different on paper and I knew I still had to figure out what fork to use. After making the 3D rendering it all made sense. The dynamic shape may look like a wing to some, but to me these line go back to the bold European graphic styles of the '60s.

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The Rajah

To tell you the truth, I never thought I'd draw a bike with more than one straight line in it. But hell, why not?! The first sketch felt a little odd, but then it all made sense. What do ya think? Hit me up to get your hands on the Rajah frame.

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The Reaper

Sketching is a lotta fun. Expressing myself makes it even more fun. But creating monsters takes it to another level. Here's one for the crazy badasses that love to get freaky! The Reaper. A monster from hell. Your best friend.

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The Trigger

All the MAD stuff I've been posting lately got me to a point where I feel like I could share something realtively simple. Something with character tho. What do ya think about the Trigger?

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The Shadow

ShadowI started my custom bike journey with a great stretched chopper. Been a decade now and my preferences haven't changed. I still love em low.. with a special touch. What do you think? Hit me up to get your hands on the Shadow.

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The Vixen

We've all seen some cool bike monsters throughout the years. I just thought it's time for a fresh one. I called her the Vixen. Just woke up the other day and started drafting. Came up 2nd try. Who's gonna be the first to ride it? Message me directly for specs and stuff.

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